Good to Meet You

So we may not be the photographers for you if.....

- You're looking for someone to do super traditional, posed & cheesy photos, only. (We do take a few of those "everyone smile for the camera photos")

- You or your mother wants table shots at the reception

- You would be devastated if your wedding dress or shoes get dirty. 

- You aren't excited to make the best of situations when things don't go as planned. 

- You would think your life is over if it rains on your wedding day. 

- You want the photographer to make you stop what you're doing throughout the day and smile for the camera. 

If you just rolled your eyes to these statements, we will get along well! Head over to the CONTACT page and fill it out! I can't wait to meet you!! 


About Anna Alethia: 

Hi, I'm Anna, I have double jointed arms, pretty sure I'm solar powered (give me alllllll the sunshine!), oldest of six kids, mama to 3 cats, enjoy finding treasures at antique stores...specifically, fire king & pyrex glassware, love to do some late night baking or cooking sessions or you may find me whipping up a crocheted item or thinking about learning how to macrame. 

If it wasn't obvious already that I LOVE photographing weddings & boudoir sessions...well, I'm telling you now. It's my soulmate career. I am crazy in love with my job...and mostly because doing what I do makes others happy and that makes my world go round. 

Live for the moments you can’t put into words…

Anna Alethia Manning

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