Wedding Planning

Midwest Wedding Planner

After helping plan almost 60 weddings, Anna has realized it’s something she would love to do more often. All her life she has loved planning trips, family events, making lists, organizing and scheduling meetings. It only makes sense to offer wedding planning as a service.

As of 2017 she decided to offer partial wedding planning. This can be added to any photography or video collection or as a solo option. Everything is remote, meetings are held over facetime/skype/google hangout or the old fashioned telephone. Unlimited emails are included with every purchase. Day of wedding coordination is an option, but is limited to availability.

She’s had multiple friends tell her they wish someone would just take over specific parts of the wedding planning, like designing/purchasing/mailing invites. Or something as simple as helping out finding the perfect vendors, or coordinating the vendors. Sometimes brides just need someone to listen to them gush about their wedding plans. She can do that too.

With her vendor connections all over the USA — thanks to social media, she can easily help you find exactly who you are looking for that also fits your budget.

Most of all, she cares about each couple & client. She wants you to have the best day of your life and to make sure whatever it is that you are most excited about for your big day, that there will be enough time for you to enjoy the day and the things that are important to you.